4 Best Free Apps To Install On Device

Android is one of the popular and most widely used operating systems all over the world. It has been rolled out in a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, mobiles and many others. Every OS is equipped with some of the apps, which are already installed in it. But in the case of Android OS, you can also get third party apps to install on your devices to get the most out of your devices in an easy and effective manner. Nowadays, there are many apps available for Android devices, which are free of cost and others are paid. Here is the list of apps available for Android free of cost:



This app is available free of cost. There is definitely a theme yet to be equipped with apps, which has the ability to access numerous social media sites or networks. These apps can find a smart and the best method of presenting latest updates from your friends or others across them all. This app is the latest effort, which gets started with Facebook and Twitter.



You can call this app as one of the best download stores to get the dance music. This app is getting into streaming all over the world. You can get this app free of cost. In any case, if you are fond of electronic or fusion music, then you can pay a visit to download this app on your devices.

LinkedIn Job Search


LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in different parts of the world. Whether you trust it or not, the business network of this site is the best for more as compared to only authorizing colleagues or coworkers for ‘unicorn searching.’ This network is not bad for narrowing down your search in job point of view. If you will use this app, you can focus to make your process even simpler and faster. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that there is no need of investing any amount of money to get this app.

The Edit


These days, more and more people shop for different products using their smartphones and this percentage keeps on increasing. Now, it is more easy and fast to shop for shoes, clobber and jewelry with the use of this app. You can check out the menu at this app, whether you want to buy shoes, jewelry or clobber of any kind. This app makes use of a Tinder style swiping system to reject or like individual items easily. Now, you can improve your shopping experience with this app. It is assured that once you use it, you will recommend it to others.

These are some popular apps, which you can install on your android based devices this year without investing any single penny. These apps are deigned to improve your experience with this operating system. In addition, you can check out other apps on the Google Play Store to decide to opt for which app under different categories free of cost.

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