Top 5 Apps for Exercise those are recommended by Sports

Are you trying to lose weight but failing to do so?

Don’t feel sad as you are not alone who is going through with this situation.

Though there are thousands of great gaming websites available on the web like but you still need to play outdoor and workout to stay healthy.

In this article, weare going to reveal interesting solutions which can help you lose your weight easily while you have fun.

Have you ever think that your Smartphone can be your fitness trainer?

You must be thinking what is the relation between your mobile device and your fitness trainer?

Have patience!

Today weare going to discuss some apps which can help you in your workout. These apps also help you to stay fit and fine. Washingtonpost says that apps can increase the impact of your work outs.

Nowadays app industry is booming. With the support of apps, we can do some works which are complicated or time-consuming. Even people are using apps for doing the workout. People are gaining weights just by their bad habits. They tried many formulas to lose weight, 10% are successful and 90% are unsuccessful. Did you know why they are unsuccessful? Actually when they try to lose weight they do not workout consistency in a gym or anywhere.

But I am sure my article will solve this problem. Exercise will be fun, easy and simple. You just need to download a fitness app which can track your full health stats and you lose weight gradually. People who use fitness apps they are much more active than nonusers. So stop staring your phone just take a long breath. Make it as a gym trainer and turn your home into a gym. This gym trainer will help you to stay fit.

Let’s drive into the main part of the article.

Here I will mention 5 Apps for exercise.Sports players also recommend these
1: Google fit– Google Fit is a product of Google, and you can download it in your Smartphone from Google Play store. This product is developed only for Android users so the people who are not using Android device, they do not get the facility of this stunning app. Google Fit tracks your every activity like walking, running and cycling and it also tracks your speed, route, pace. It also provides you an instant insight so that you can be motivated and do the workout on a regular basis.


2: Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal – MyFitnessPal is a very popular fitness app, and you can get this on your Smartphone. This app is a very efficient calorie counter and helps you to lose an extra pound from your body. It also provides you healthy diet plans, so there is no chance to add an extra pound in your body weight.


3: S health–S Health is developed by Samsung and you can get this app on your mobile device for free. It offers you all the features that can help you to stay fit and healthy. S Health tracks the activities and habits and helps to follow a healthy diet.


4: Samsung activity trackers: An activity tracker app is usually used for measuring and monitoring fitness metrics such as the distance of walking or running, consumption of calories, sometimes heartbeat and sleeping quality. Samsung has developed an activity tracker which can do all the necessary work what an activity tracker does. Your sleeping records will be measured by this if you take in your Smartphone. Its motion sensor feature tracks whether you are sleeping or awake/restless.


5: Nike+ run club:Nike Inc. has found this activity tracker device, developed by which can measure distance and pace while you are running. It offers all the features which can make your run better. It can record all your runs and motivate you to do better.


Final Words

These are some Applications which can help you to stay healthy and fit. So convert your Smartphone to your fitness trainer and live a healthy life.

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