How To Increase The Performance Of Your Android Device

After some time, the performance of Android OS will begin to reduce, whether it is a mobile or a laptop. Mobile operating systems are imagined to be faster and lighter to meet your needs while on the move, still they provide with complete access to everything. If you are observing that your Android OS is reducing its performance, then you need to think out of the box. There are some tips and tricks; you need to follow, if you are getting the reduced performance signs:


  • Get familiar with your device

Learning about the drawbacks and capabilities of your mobile device is important to know. There is no need of overburdening your mobile device with those apps, which eat more power and resources. In this manner, the performance is going to degrade. So, you need to know about the major reasons of getting the performance reduced of your mobile device.

  • Eliminate undesired apps

Every app you have in your mobile device acquire some storage space. These apps run several processes in the background. The more storage space taken or the more processes operation on your mobile device, the performance of your phone is slow. Avoid installing those apps, if you do not use them or often. It is important to remain only the apps that you require. While on the other hand, if you have installed such an app, which is no more useful, then you can uninstall or disable it as soon as possible so that it might not eat the battery or performance.

  • Update the OS

It is important to update the OS on a regular basis so that it can make you phone up to date. You must do it often in order to increase the performance of your Android device. Google carries out great developments to every new release of the Android OS, which includes the updates. In this manner, you can make sure the higher performance, stability, and connectivity along with many other new features, which are user friendly in nature.

  • Disable unessential apps

The Android introduced the new feature that is known as Performance Assistant to assist you in disabling the app, which you do not need no more. Disabling apps is unique and different from uninstalling apps. When you disable it, uninstallation deletes the application files from the mobile device, but no file is deleted or removed. These disabled apps are not displayed on the app tray or home screen. In any case, if you want to enable them, then there is no need to worry about because you can re-enable any of them again.

  • Install high speed memory card

You can store huge amount of data of different types and formats in your android based device with the use of memory card, which has high speed. But you will be able to add not only the capability, in factyou can increase the speed also. There is a presence of 2GB to 32GB memory cards available in the market, you can opt for.

In this manner you can increase the performance of your android device easily and effectively.

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