What Features Make Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Better Than IPhone 6

As iPhone 6 is already in the market and has been using by many people all over the world, now it is the turn of next high-tech phones to arrive in the market. Now, the Samsung is trying to launch two models of Galaxy S6 as soon as possible. These phones include Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. All of these phones are awesome, but there are some features included in the Samsung’s mobiles that make iPhone 6 users a bit jealous. See what these new features are, mentioned below:

Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Better Than IPhone 6

Wireless charging

The Samsung new phones include inbuilt support for charging that supports wireless technology. When you will purchase any of the Samsung models, you can get a free wireless charger. In case of an iPhone 6, if you want to use this feature, then you need to use third party option. 2

Fast charging

The iPhone 6 is pretty quick while charging, especially if you make use of any awesome trick to boost up the charging. But there is no need to worry about the fast charging in Samsung’s upcoming models, because of the presence of fast charging technology.

Waken the screen’s small part to view notifications

The rub-to-make gesture of the Samsung might be ludicrous, but it is pretty casual that a user can awaken the side panel on the new models of the Samsung to view notifications. The best thing about this feature is that it eliminates the need of unlocking or even picking up the phones in your hands.

Run multi apps at a time

As the Apple operating system provides with complete assistance to multitasking, but there is a drawback that you can use only one app at a single time. But with the existence of these new phones in the market, there is a chance to open 2 apps side by side at the same time. Moreover, along with the opening feature, you can even move the content from one place to another using the copy and paste feature.

Make mobile payments everywhere

Apple provides with the Apple Pay, which is an awesome service to use, but you cannot use it in an easy manner, however, it is yet not available in most of the store. While on the other hand, Samsung Pay makes use of a hybrid technology, which is compatible with latest NFC payment terminals and also older standard terminals of credit cards. These new phones, which are scheduled to launch on the market for the next month, support this feature known as Samsung Pay to please the users.

Fast opening camera

The iPhone’s 6 camera is quite simple to open because of control panel and lock screen shortcuts, but the new phones have fast opening camera to speed up the process. If you double tap the home button of these new Samsung phones, even while the mobile is in sleep mode, your camera will be opened and get ready to click an image in a lightning fast 0.7 seconds.

These features will be going to include in the Samsung’s new phones, which an iPhone 6 lacks behind.

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