What Are The New Features Of Android 5.1

Google finally introduced the Android 5.1 Lollipop image for some nexus devices. It is clear that this updated version of the Android is known as Lollipop. This version was imagined to change everything, like inspiring a resolution, better looking and many others. Rather than it was a little frustrating, beginning with a slow rollout and proceeded with a piece of bug. Google repaired a plenty of bugs and it also pulled throughout some new features that must have been combined with Lollipop from the beginning. See what the new features are there in the latest version of the Android OS:

New Features Of Android 5.1

Better sound profiles

It has ridiculous restricted sound profiles. Now, with the current version, you can allow your mobile device set to silent or use the ‘None’ setting till your upcoming alarm. There is no need of missing a meeting in the next morning. The only thing is that you can set the alarm for only 12 hours ahead of time not more than that, otherwise this version would not provide with the option

Better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi controls

When this version first came to the screen, the Quick settings option in the notifications section shade was restricted. At that time, a user needed to tap to traverse away to the settings panel so that he or she could anything completed such as if you only wished to log off Wi-Fi networks. But now with this latest version, you can have an option to select a Bluetooth profile or wireless network right from within the drop down panel. You must tap an arrow so that you can expand the listing.

Enhanced protection

Mobile theft is yet a widespread concern for users. But this latest version has enhanced some protection features. One of the best features of Android 5.1 is to prevent a theft by factory resetting the mobile device without the Google profile password utilized on the device in the past. This feature can be only used, if you have a Nexus 9, Nexus 6, and new devices compatible with Lollipop 5.1.

Notifications can be browsed away

The drop down notifications of the Lollipop is nice at times, but the choices to dismiss all of them were restricting. You might either wait until it faded, go to it to start the app or anything, or swipe it away and also finish it completely. Now, there is a chance for you to flick up to shoo any kind of notification back to the drawer, with no need of dismissing it completely. Rather it is a small change, but it helps you in managing the notifications much simpler.

Stay away from crappy Wi-Fi networks

It is one of the preferred latest features of Android 5.1. In any case, if your Android device links to a Wi-Fi connection with no or poor internet access, now, it will keep it in mind, but not at all link to it once more time. This feature helps you a lot, when you are in the travel or leeching off of Wi-Fi connections free of cost.

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