What Features Apple Need To Include In iOS 9

iOS 7 is one of the huge modifications to the software of Apple’s iPad and iPhone, from it’s launched in 2007. Afterwards, the company released the next version that is iOS 8 in 2014, introducing many new features in it. For the most part, this updated version was about additions and changes to the backend, which expands Touch ID. Nowadays, the iOS 9 is also tested, with numerous reports of iOS 9 based iPads and iPhones appearing in the Google Analytics. The company will be eager to make sure the release of this updated version goes as smoothly as possible. Let us see the features, which will be included in iOS 9, mentioned below:


Passcode protect any app

Now, any app developer will be able to code a passcode screen to any of the apps being made that locks other users out of it, they do not have an access to your pin. This feature offers many benefits. It permits you in lending your device to others and limits access to some apps, which contains personal a credential data. But various developers are not capable of making use of this feature for their apps. If you might go to a new screen located in settings, use snap passcode or TouchID log off or login for any app using your iOS device.

Better maps

Since the company launched in its own maps in the past version that is iOS 6 in 2012, there is nothing much being modified with the app on its own. The data in the app has obtained better and precise, but the app is lacking behind the basic features, especially when you make a comparison it with the Google Maps, a leading champ.

Hide apps that are pre-installed

The company needs to hide the apps, which are installed previously. The company said that they will never make use of the podcast app or the tips, if users insist to delete it, then they can hide them from the home screen. By doing it, there is no need of stuffing them in another folder, which can be named as useless.

Default third party apps

People all over the world have been asking from the very first day, might be iOS 9, when they will actually get it? But there are some people, who have thinking that other 3rd party apps are the best option to handle different services. The ability in iOS 9 to choose a third party app, replicating the standard Apple’s OS one would be a godsend to the users.

Merging of Apple IDs

Even though, it would provide a great benefit to every user of Apple, it is not a feature specific to the updated version that is iOS 9. When the company launched Apple IDs over 15 years before, then they began to use in the form of membership IDs by those, who are paying money for their Mac services and iTools. Though, after the introduction of iTunes store, the company began to use those Apple IDs for that and the same for the Apple Store also. So, this year, you can merge many Apple IDs into one with iOS 9.

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